Sabita Maharjan

"The continuous support from Unnati has exceeded my expectations as they have helped my business with market

linkages", said Sabita. She is grateful to the Chaudhary Foundation for having included her in various training that

has helped her in managing her cooperative; making product choices and marketing. "We are in the process of

creating our own brand and I hope the team continues to support us to touch the lives of as many people as

possible," she added.

Sabita Maharjan, one of our Master Trainer, is passionate about textile-based craft. She is among few women who

are running their own cottage industries. She owns and operates the 'Kirtipur Hosiery Industry' (KHI). She is a

strong-willed woman, a domestic violence survivor, and has been empowering hundreds of local women of Kirtipur

through her knitting venture. Her industry has adapted by catering to the local market with various ranges of

machine and hand-knitted products.