Tharu Gaam

Tharu Gaam

The "Tharu Gaam" in UCV stands to deliver an experience with the intricacies of cuisine, art, and artifacts that integrally represent the life and livelihood of the Tharu community. A space created for immersive participation, enveloping the elements of culture and tradition. The village comprises the Dehari - Guest rooms, Bahari - Traditional live kitchen, Bada Ghar - Dining area, Gadala Mod - Bar, and Dabali - Cultural Performance Area. Tharu Gaam has positioned itself as an Open Tharu Museum where culture meets with forgotten lifestyles, traditional practices, festivals, language, customs, cuisines, etc.

Bahari - Live Kitchen

Bahari Live Kitchen

Tharu Kitchen presents the flavor and spices of Tharu recipes that have been post-drawn from generations using traditional techniques. The open live kitchen offers on-the-spot cooking, where guests can experience traditional cooking practices with local ingredients. Foods are cooked fresh right from the organic garden located inside UCV premises. Along with the traditional live kitchen, foods are served with various cultural music and performances. We aim to:

  • - Bring forward the best of Tharu cuisine
  • - Serve in a traditional village setting using local materials
  • - Maintain local organic food growth and processing
  • - Provide all-day traditional dining
  • - Provide Boat Buffet

Bada Ghar - Dinning

Bada Ghar [DINING]

Tharu traditionally lived in Badaghar called longhouses with big families of up to 31 members from four generations and between one and eight married couples. The household members pooled their labor force, contributed their income, shared the expenditure, and used one kitchen. When families were forced to resettle, some of these Badaghar households broke up into smaller units of up to six households. The traditional lifestyle between the Tharu community is slowly disappearing, thus, the essence of UCV is to bring lost and found, old and new back into our everyday life.

Gadala Mod - Bar


Alcoholic drinks have long been incorporated into ceremonies and celebrations throughout Nepal. The best and strongest alcohols are often homemade, and Nepal has plenty to offer. Gadla – Mod (Bar) is an enchanting indoor and outdoor bar nearby a cultural performance area with sweeping views of the lotus ponds, litchi and mango plantations, and cultural artworks. Gadla – Mod offers a wide range of beverages along with hand-crafted local wine, inspired by the culture of the Tharu community.

Dabali - Cultural Performances Area


Dabali is a platform for cultural performances, theatre, music, and dance. It is a space where ethnic, cultural, and traditional artists get promoted, showcased, and celebrated by tourists, families, and art enthusiasts.