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Chaudhary Foundation, through its UNNATI initiative, has established a unique and first cultural centre with multiple facilities for creative practitioners, tourists, academia, MSMEs, and artisanal communities called Unnati Cultural Village (UCV). This unique platform serves as a long-term engagement and commitment to build and preserve the living intangible facets of culture along with the tangible heritage of the various ethnicities that lend colour to the Map of Nepal.

Unnati Cultural Village is a central force for the creation of sustainable livelihoods through the creation of artistic and artisanal languages through products and services and the preservation of their traditional knowledge systems, which translate to income-generating opportunities for the ecosystems. It is also a singular platform where cross-pollination and collaboration manifest between the stakeholders in the artisanal, institutional, government, and international communities.



The first Unnati Cultural Village sits amidst the idyllic setting of the Devchuli and Barchuli hills of Nawalpur, Nepal. Here, arts, crafts, and cultural hospitality come together to celebrate the ethnic diversity of Nepal. From an art hotel that reveals the true beauty of traditional architecture to a Tharu village, UCV is integrally built around the idea of housing artists and hosting residencies, exhibitions, and events to cater to the creative and cultural industries.


A one-stop destination for those seeking a cultural and aesthetic experience.

 An exquisite fine dining experience of traditional Tharu and Thakali cuisine.

 A platform to showcase the best forms of indigenous livelihoods in the inner Terai region.

 An opportunity to engage with artisans and craft practitioners.

 A unique experience of an art hotel set amidst living heritage.

 A sprawling garden with litchi and mango trees, including a seasonal organic farm and beekeeping facilities.

A curated programme that includes local sights: a walk in the village, a hike in the Chure hills, sundowners along the Narayani, and cycling.

Welcome to Unnati Cultural Village