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Chaudhary Foundation was established in 1995 by the Chaudhary Group in Nepal for philanthropic activities and social endeavours. Since its inception, social commitments across the nation for the most vulnerable communities have been integrated as programmes and projects of the Foundation for long-term engagement and the holistic and sustainable development of its people.

Along with the evolution of the Chaudhary Group, its responsibility and expectations towards society have also evolved, striving towards bigger responsibilities and achieving effective social impact for the nation. Nepal is a land of warm, hardy, and gracious people from many ethnic cultures who are nestled amongst the lofty mountains of the expansive Himalayas, stretching their girth to the Terai plains of the subcontinent.

Nepal is a young hill economy abundant in natural and human resources with a stable federal government and is essentially a peace-loving nation with multiple opportunities waiting to be tapped in agriculture, home-based cottage industries, culture, tourism, and the green energy sector.

Chaudhary Foundation is designed to support the people of Nepal and has been an active ecosystem for a diverse range of projects to address the needs and requirements of the nation in areas of health, education, livelihoods, social businesses, and disaster relief management.

The programmes are incubated sensitively and holistically, preserving traditional ways of living, building the capacities of its people, and harnessing a prosperous and inclusive environment for economic growth, learning, and equality amongst its stakeholders. These perspectives address vital facets that affect the lives of the Nepali people—socially, economically, and culturally.


UNNATI, a unique initiative by the Chaudhary Foundation, caters to the economic growth, evolution of heritage, and living knowledge systems of Nepal. As the abbreviation suggests, it is the focal point for Upscaling National, Natural, Artistic, and Traditional Industries. UNNATI’s philosophy of revival entails the survival of national heritage through forms of arts, crafts, dance, music, foods, language, and habitat, encompassing the philosophy of life by which civilisations once thrived in culture and traditions. The essence is to bring the lost and found, old and new, back into our everyday lives.

UNNATI is a living ecosystem whose engagement and efforts to harness the tangible and intangible disciplines of artistic industries are growing and evolving with a bottom-up approach in the economic pyramid.


Fostering a harmonious and equitable platform dedicated to empowering women-led enterprises through enhanced learning opportunities, elevating their quality of life, and bolstering their financial well-being.


Rahul Chaudhary

CEO - CG Hospitality Holdings
MD - CG Corp Global

Surabhi Chaudhary

Director, Unnati

Narayan Shrestha

Sr. GM, CG Corp Global


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