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Nepal flourishes as a nurturing hub for diverse artistic expressions, and the Arts and Culture pillar serves as the foundation for preserving these vital forms within the realms of heritage and cultural protection. This pillar provides a platform for a wide range of artistic initiatives, including visual arts, literature, music, dance, theatre, and more. These expressions, which are inextricably linked to Nepal’s cultural essence, spread their influence throughout South Asia, fostering a shared cultural bond.

The Arts and Culture Pillar not only celebrates creativity but also upholds Nepal’s historical and cultural heritage by nurturing these artistic forms.

Our essential steps in the context of heritage and cultural preservation are:

  Document and catalogue diverse artistic expressions, covering visual arts, literature, music, dance, and theatre.

  Promote Nepal’s artistic talents through exhibitions, festivals, and performances showcasing traditional and contemporary forms.

  Conduct workshops to preserve traditional techniques and narratives, passing knowledge on to new generations.

  Integrate cultural education into schools and universities, including traditional arts and storytelling.

  Create an accessible digital archive of artistic expressions for global recognition of Nepal’s cultural heritage.

  Collaborate with institutions, museums, galleries, and academia to enhance resources and exposure.

  Engage local communities to celebrate and preserve their cultural practices.

  Participate in national and international arts festivals to showcase Nepal’s heritage and learn from other traditions.

  Support contemporary expressions to balance preservation with relevance to changing times.

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