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UNNATI’s Farm to Table social initiative promotes local, fresh, hygienic, and sustainably produced farm foods that are grown and directly acquired from small-scale farmers. We believe in reducing the carbon footprint of food production by increasing local, seasonal produce that does not use disruptive means of production and protects the food value chain. Therefore, by enhancing the natural nutritional value of food, we provide consumers with access to high-quality, locally-grown products, while ensuring that farmers gain wider markets and receive fair prices for their produce.

UNNATI believes in empowering farmers and contributing to food security through skill-building in climate-resilient agriculture and global marketing practises. To this end, the Farm to Table pillar provides training and awareness programmes to local farmers that equip them with the knowledge and tools to implement sustainable farming practises, reduce environmental impact, and increase the quality and quantity of their crops.

Our essential steps towards healthy farm practise

 Farmers gain access to information and technology.

 Formalizing the production and processing value chain of seeds, crops, and processed foods.

 Providing the right equipment, tools, and training to improve the quality and quantity of production.

Enhance food production through soil regeneration, the use of organic vermicomposter, kitchen waste, and natural fertilizers; clean energy; mechanizing mass-scale farming; storage; warehousing; and an effective distribution network.

Adding value to food variety and processing.

Diversifying the food pyramid from spices, honey, dairy, organic vegetables, and cash crops.

Generating Awareness about nutrient-dense foods.

Promoting local cuisines and the consumption of seasonal and home-grown produce.

Preserving human and ecological health by way of conscious living and consumption.

This pillar of UNNATI offers a birds-eye view to the consumers of the nature and source of their food and its process from the field to the cooking pot, fostering a mindful awareness of what they are eating and how it affects their body and mind.

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