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UNNATI recognises the importance of creating competent and viable green economies with a strong platform to showcase and create marketing hubs to sustain the livelihoods of rural artisans and their families. Siya pillar of UNNATI facilitates the craft branding, distribution, and market outreach model, which focuses on collaborating with MSMEs and home-based workers involved in crafts as well as encouraging consumers to buy locally-made products, which directly benefits these groups.

This platform provides the front-end marketing for the back-end development of artisan groups, connecting them to international, national, and local markets.

Our steps involved creating a robust market-oriented platform for the crafts

Design and Innovation of artisanal products to suit modern-day requirements.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing products that have market competency.

Capacity to scale the crafts with consistency in quality and quantity.

Assisting producers with the right certifications, packaging, and consumer guidelines.

Branding and creating value for the craft.

Communication and awareness of the beneficial properties of using products and services generated from green economies vs. toxic and synthetic fast-moving goods.

The value chain of craft producers is strengthened through the sale of crafts. Multiple ecosystems benefit, including farmers, raw material producers, craftspeople, agents, and marketing hubs.

Creating a cohesive ecosystem for the sustenance of crafts, i.e., availability of information, technology, and the highest quality of raw materials and skills.

Making crafts is a way of life for people and the planet.


While the UNNATI Bazaar offers crafts and artisanal work in local and national markets for various products specifically made to be consumed locally, the brand takes the ‘Best of Nepal’ to the world through retail ateliers, exports, trade fairs, and marketing distribution channels. Craft Brand aspires to build a high-end atelier for artists and artisans to create bespoke products of an international standard and quality that can be exported outside the country and open up markets across the world.

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